started out as a dancer, studied jazz vocals at Codarts Rotterdam, engaged in some acting and ended up in the theater. Originally a singer songwriter she sang in many jazz formations, started writing to question the meaning of life, love and our roles in society and evolved into a librettist. 
At an early age, Judith discovered the book "An End to Time", a conversation between spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti and quantum physicist David Bohm, about "the ground" of our existence. This was the beginning of a lifelong search that led her to special places and experiences, including 5 years as a practicing Buddhist.
She writes, sings and creates theater performances in an attempt to trace the untraceable, often inspired by visual art and designed within a current social theme.
In these productions she collaborated amongst others with composer Paul van Brugge (Golden Calf, 2005), jazz pianist Jeroen van Vliet (Boy Edgar Award, 2014) and theater maker Martin van Waardenburg.
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