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DIY in 20 minutes

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A hybrid of philosophical radio play, lecture, guided meditation and private concert. Elected out of 261 submissions for the exhibition 'New Earth' in the Westerkerk Amsterdam 30/10 - 14/12 2020, which exhibits 12 visions for post-corona times.


A Glimpse of Heaven is a 20-minute audio experience (NL+EN) in which Judith Scholte and soprano Jet van Helbergen in dialogue with each other and the listener, take the latter on a journey of discovery. A discovery that entails a radical reversal of what we consider to be reality.


In a playful and challenging way the visitor is invited on the basis of Western scientific and ancient Eastern knowledge, to turn their gaze inside. A journey that demands the utmost, but carries with it the possibility of "a glimpse of heaven".

Concept, text and vocals by Judith Scholte and Jet van Helbergen


A woman wanders through a city in search of her lover, a refugee. A letter leads her on the trail of a Jewish girl who disappeared in World War II.

Inspired by the last paintings of artist couple Else Berg and Mommie Schwarz MY NAME IS tells the story of a contemporary refugee and a hidden Jewish girl from WWII on their journey to freedom.

One of the incentives for making this production was the lack of historical awareness and the looking away in the refugee crisis in 2015; a conspiracy of silence. A term also used for the silence Jewish children encountered after the second world war.

My Name Is played a.o. at Theater na de Dam, Verhalenhuis Belvedere and Operadagen Rotterdam.

Judith Scholte – libretto, vocals

Dimitar Bodurov – composition, piano/electronics

Bader Atem – as himself

Huub Laurens – video projection

Ruurt De Maesschalck – direction


Notes on Hopper is a performance on the life and work of Edward Hopper seen through the eyes of his wife and fellow artist Josephine Nivison. 

With songs, improvisations and spoken word it  tells the story behind Hopper's paintings and his troubled marriage. With music by multiple award-winning composer Paul M van Brugge.

Nighthawks (1952) is Edward Hopper's most famous painting. A New York café late at night with two men and a woman sitting at the bar. Loneliness and isolation are typical themes in Hopper's work. At the same time his paintings are intensely cinematic, they're always the beginning of a story.


Notes on Hopper performed at the Museumnacht,

Operadagen, Amsterdam Fringe Festival a.o. and is published by Deuss Music The Hague.

Judith Scholte - libretto, vocals

Paul M. van Brugge - composition

Dimitar Bodurov - piano, electronics

Nils van Haften - saxophones, bass clarinet

Jan Louter - video projection


As a trio Judith Scholte, Jeroen van Vliet and Guus Bakker explored the boundaries between jazz and pop in a theatrical setting.

Judith Scholte - concept, vocals

Jeroen van Vliet - piano

Guus Bakker - double bass


A child's memories of her lively and once beautiful mother merge with the slow decay of an old house as the mother is dying.

Woolf is a musical improvisation by vocalist Judith Scholte and composer/pianist Kino Haitsma. Together they embarked on a journey to translate the sensual world of Virginia Woolf to sound with songs and spoken word. Based on the novel To the Lighthouse and the essays Moments of Being.

Judith Scholte - vocals, spoken word

Kino Haitsma - keyboard, electronics

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Thank you for submitting!

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