judith scholte 

poet, librettist, singer

upcoming projects

A Glimpse of Heaven, diy in 20 min.

hybrid of philosophical radio play, lecture, guided meditation and private concert. Elected out of 261 submissions for the exhibition 'New Earth' in the Westerkerk Amsterdam 30/10 - 11/12 2020 which exhibits 12 visions for post-corona times.


A Glimpse of Heaven is a 20-minute audio experience in which Judith Scholte and soprano Jet van Helbergen in dialogue with each other and the listener, take the latter on a journey of discovery. A discovery that entails a radical reversal of what we consider to be reality.


In a playful and challenging way, the visitor is invited on the basis of Western scientific and ancient Eastern knowledge, to turn their gaze inside. A journey that demands the utmost, but carries with it the possibility of "a glimpse of heaven".

A Glimpse of Heaven will be part of a musical theatre play Jet and Judith are developing. This play will take the audience along the artist Mondrian, his work and quest, the Anthropocene, and the way in which consciousness creates reality.

VIDEO the making of 'A glimpse of heaven, diy in 20 minutes'

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